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Ruger Ruger First Week New Home 200743868 First Week 200743869 June 2015 200743870 June 2015 200743871 June 2015 200743872 June 2015 200743873 June 18, 2015 200743874 June 2015 Begins to protect us from leaves and branches 200743875 June 2015 Computer work tires him out 200743876 June 25, 2105 He loves sprawling out on the patio 200743877 June 24, 2015 Loves to climb up on the stump 200743878 July 2015 200743879 July 2015 The stump is not as big as it once was to him 200743880 August 2015 200743881 August 2015 Nap time 200743882 October 2015 200743883 November 2015 Enjoying the new patio 200743884 December 2015 Enjoying the mild December 200743885 May 2016 Off Leash Training 201844834 May 2016 He is 13 months old and is perfect 201844835 Spring Days Enjoying the weather 201844936 Attention Nothing gets past him 201844937 Spring Days Watching the neighbors 201844938 Training He is learning to stay in the front yard without the fence 201844939 Daily Walk Playing King of the rock at Crystal Lake Park 202140369 Off Leash Training An evening walk down a country road 202140370 Park Visit Relaxing at Crystal Lake Park 203622209 Training Up, Down, she can't make up her mind what she wants me to do 203622210 Park Visit A statute of a frog, really, why not one of me 203622211 Fall Checking out what is going on in the neighbor's yard 203622212